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AtoZ EZ Cassette Packages


professional duplication on premium ferric tape
ink imprinting (or labels) directly on cassette
high resolution color printing
bulk or packaged
free barcode

Quick, Easy and Affordable!

CHOOSE from the following packages:

Package I
Professional duplication with ink imprinting or adhesive labels

boxes sold separately

cassette imprint- black
Package J
Complete retail-ready package!
Professional duplication on imprinted or labelled cassettes with full color J-card and cellowrapped in a clear Norelco box.

many options to choose from
EZ Cassette Package 3
Package O
Imprinted or labelled cassettes professionally duplicatied and shrinkwrapped in a full color O-card.

1. Download the templates and instructions for the package that you are interested in.
2. Layout tiff, psd or high quality jpeg files for printing, as per instructions.
3. Send us your audio (or CD master) and art files as you wish them to be reproduced.
4. Include a 50% deposit with your order.
5. Turnaround time is from 5 to 15 days, depending on the package and quantity.

available colors
color chart

updated: 7-18-2023

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