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CD Mastering Rates

CD Mastering
Stock #
Load-in Charge* included .25 per minute
of studio time
.25 per minute
of studio time
Indexing yes yes yes
Arrange Titles yes yes yes
Declick global global individual track
Denoise global global individual track
Peak Limit global individual track individual track
Fades no yes custom
Equalization no no yes
Editing and/or
no no yes
CD Text**
and CDDB Database
$5.00 $5.00 included
Pricing $ .50 per minute
of program material
$ .75 per minute
of program material
$45.00 per hour
of studio time
Minimum Charge $10.00 $10.00 $15.00

Studio time is also available at $45.00 per hour for client attended sessions.

*Load-in is billed as actual time to load source material into computer. Some sources (such as analog) need to load in at real time, while others (mp3, CD audio) can quickly be transferred. Minimun load-in charge is $1.00. Load-in charges are included in client attended mastering sessions.

**CD Text will enable certain CD players to list the title and/or songs.

If your release has been assigned a barcode, then we can also register your release with the Gracenote CD database so that software players can access the track information.

All processes are subject to additional fees on a per-project basis.
No copy-protected sources, please.
"program material" is the total length of your project.
"studio time" is the actual time spent working on your project.
We are committed to delivering a ready-for-replication master that you, the client, are completely satisfied with. Our mastering and authoring processes take place solely in the digital domain, allowing for greater flexibilty in editing and dynamics enhancement. We also offer video editing, DVD authoring, and format conversion capabilities as well. Please call Matt at 440-333-0040 for guidelines, format preferences, and further information.

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