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CD Mastering Services


Mastering is the very last step in audio production before it heads off to manufacturing. We understand that every project is unique, and some require more work than others. Some projects benefit from a straight transfer, some from simply balancing the levels from track to track, yet others may require several hours of finessing equalization, dynamics enhancement, and ensuring that each track fades in and out properly. We also understand that budget can be a major deciding factor. We want to make your release the hottest, best sounding product possible without compromising the integrity of your original material. Please look over our 3 levels of mastering options and decide which is right for your project. Call us with any further questions.

When supplying us with the raw materials for mastering your project:
• Please provide, if possible, final stereo mixes that have not been previously mastered, limited, or otherwise processed and leave roughly 3dB of headroom below 0dB full scale
• Preferred file formats: AIFF, WAV, SDII
• Alternate formats include: CD-Audio, DAT, mp3 (not recommended), cassette, LP, 1/4” reel, various digital formats (please call)
• Sampling rates: 44.1 KHz to 192 KHz (rates other than 44.1 KHz may incur conversion charge)
• Bit-Depths: 16-, 24-, or 32-bit
• Accurate printed track listing, file names, artist information, genre (if applicable)
• Any specific instructions with regard to track spacing, fades, editing, EQ notes, etc.
• Optional: A commercially-recorded CD for reference (i.e. a CD from your collection, in the same genre of your project, that you like the overall sound of.)

Audio mastering software:
TC Works Spark XL, Apple Logic Studio
Audio mastering plug-ins: Waves, Universal Audio, PSP Audio, TC Electronics, Steinberg, and more
CD and CD-ROM authoring software: Roxio Jam, Roxio Toast, and Apple Waveburner

Some of our past clients have included:
Colin Dussault, Drumplay, the Hank Haller Ensemble, Ludwig Music Publishing, Starbringer Associates, Anne E DeChant, John Elliot (Emeralds), Vic Samalot, Rare Blend, Hasu Patel, MOEN, ReBath, Forrgotten Souls of Iniquity, Hell's Headbangers, Mike Calhoun (Dazz Band / Voyeur), Fred Ziwich, Danny Ray, Harold King, Winterhurst Ice Rink, Gale Faught (GP Productions), Jim Peterson (Gems), Chris Axelrod, Chris Allen (Roosevelt), Bill Fox, Mike Smolen (Destination Original Raw Metal), Prayer Warriors, Halida Dinova, Lestat, Dave Felton (MushroomHead), Nick Amster (mysdyscs) and many more.

For rates, please CLICK HERE

updated: 11-30-2011
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